Attempt #7 – Berliner Weisse 3.0

I’m skipping over #s 5 & 6 and will come back to them later. A couple weeks ago though I started my 3rd attempt at a BW and so because this one is still in the process I wanted to write about it. I purchased 5 1-gallon jugs to experiment on this BW a bit and so if anyone is reading, I’d love some feedback!

I made adjustments to the process and recipe, because hey why not. The last one turned out delicious, but maybe this one will too despite my playing around with things.

  • 6 lbs Rahr Premium Pilsner Malt
  • 3 lbs Rahr White Wheat Malt
  • 1 oz Fuggle hops (I had extra laying around)
  • WLP 672 Lacto brevis
  • Safale 05 yeast

Typically I’ve been doing a Lacto starter, but ran out of time before brew day, so the Lacto was pitched straight from the vial. California is still in a drought, so I also wanted to try the no chill wort cooling technique again. Great information on this technique was recently posted to an awesome Australian blog I follow called Brew in Review. For more information and advice on no chill wort cooling, check this out. I first tried this with my blonde sour (Temptation clone), but had not tried it again since. The two previous BWs I had done a decotion mash so I could introduce the hops while still doing a no boil overall. This time because I wanted to do the no chill, I was worried about also doing no boil and trying to keep everything sanitary. So I did a full boil rather than decotion. If you’d like more information on what I’m doing when I do a decotion, just let me know.

Once the boil was done, I took the kettle with the lid on to sit on a chair just outside the back door and wrapped the lid in plastic wrap to keep things from getting in. About 20 hours later the temperature was down to 84º F so I transferred to the primary and pitched the Lacto, wrapped the carboy in the carboy heater. Fermentation got off to a slow start, but after about three days it was bubbling so much I had to install a blow off hose. Guess maybe there is a benefit to the starter getting things going faster.


A week later I removed the carboy heater and tossed in a packet of Safale 05, but then headed out of town for a week. Erin said he didn’t notice any further bubbling. When I got home yesterday I took a taste and it’s nice and sour. So not doing the Lacto starter didn’t not reduce the souring, which made me happy. This coming weekend I’ll transfer into the 1-gallon jugs and play around a bit. It tasted so good I’m thinking I may leave one gallon untouched. One I’d like to dry hop, thinking of using amarillo hops. Add fruit to another, maybe blueberries or plums? Lemon rind might be good, or perhaps lime? Then the fifth could perhaps have honey. I’m not set on any of these except the dry hopping as I’m really enjoying the dry hopped sours I’ve had lately like the Bruery Terreux Humulus Rueuze or Almanac does some great ones.

More updates after the weekend when I’ve transferred to the secondary…



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